About Software WORX

Software WORX US is a trusted technology partner in developing solutions and products for companies large and small on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. For seven years, Software WORX developed solutions on Drupal CMS, Ruby on Rails, Python and Anjular.js technologies. Today we are committed to building serverless applications on AWS for cloud based deployments using - Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Lambda with a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence, data intelligence and predictive analysis in the cloud for capacity management, security, and compliance.

Our Technology Competence

Our Story:

Since 2008, Software WORX has leveraged Amazon AWS for its infrastructure needs for developed solutions. In tracking the expenses associated with running in Amazon AWS, we discovered wasted expenditure associated with:

Add to this, a significant amount of time was spent resolving issues arising from:

which kept the internal teams busy, away from loved ones. Software WORX was born out of this need to:

We are passionate about using technology to automate, simplify and enhance our lives, so we can focus on meaningful relationships with people and our loved ones. Our vision is to enable this for our clients.