April 2012

11 Apr 2012

Using research from the Gartner Group, the University of Pennsylvania, and other think tanks, Worldwidelearn.com has identified key trends that it says will influence the growth of e-learning over the next ten years.

11 Apr 2012

Speeding up Drupal 7

Posted by: pcms

In 2010, Google officially announced that it now takes how fast a page loads into account when deciding on page ranking.  Its announcement followed experiments that Google had run on how visitors responded to speed of loading.  Google's Amit Singhal summed up the results very simply - 'When we slow our own users down [on Google.com], we see less engagement', Singhal says. 'Users love fast sites.'

05 Apr 2012

It looks like there is now an easy-win way to boost sales through your e-commerce website. Social networking company Sociable Labs conducted a study whose results show that sites which enable visitors to log in via social networks like Facebook get more online sales.