Optimize and Manage Your AWS Environment Securely while Maximizing Your Savings

  • Get the full picture on your actual usage against provisioned or reserved capacity
  • Track your usage trends across regions and over time
  • Protect your data, application workloads with security insights in the cloud.
  • Get meaningful insights out of your your monthly AWS bill

AWS Cloud gives you access to many global data centers with near unlimited computing power and the ability to provision computing resources on demand. This elastic nature of computing provisioning implies ease of deprovisioning. However the idea of deprovisioning, or getting rid of an IT asset is foreign to most departments. A mindset shift needs to occur from owning as much computing power to running on as little as possible.

Companies that use AWS Cloud

While AWS delivers some of the most comprehensive Cloud Computing solutions in the world, AWS can be challenging to implement and administer. Capacity management in Amazon AWS is not required to ensure availability of service, it is key to optimizing your cost savings.

Our clients who optimize and manage AWS environments


  • How can you understand by business requirements and help automate problems in my business?

    Working with over 100 companies over the last 5 years, we have developed processes to quickly arrive at prototype concept. The prototype concept allows you to understand user interfaces and explain business logic and expectations from brief phone calls.

  • My businesses use specific software. Will you be able to interface with my software to create solutions?

    Yes we used advanced methods like API, SOAP calls to connect with ERP systems, external web applications and the solution we develop will be enterprise grade. If for some reason we approach the undertaking as a fit-for-purpose and isn’t scalable or enterprise grade we will advise you.

  • Are you expensive? What are your rates?

    When you engage us on a project, we work out the number of sprint cycles and the number of resources (effort/sprint) that are needed for for your project. We work on a blended rate across all resources, giving you exceptional value on predictable cash outlays billed fortnightly. You can pay us via bank transfer, online credit card or over the phone.

  • Can you fix problems with current solution that is Excel based?

    No. While we have Excel skills and we may request these to understand the current business processes we do not have the capability to solve excel issues.

  • My business is unique, how will you be able to understand it?

    We have the depth of industry experience that may surprise you. Talk to an expert for free and see if we can help you.