AWS Monitor bill config cost tool Software WORX

Monitor & Manage your AWS cloud spend

Cloud Cost Optimization, Rightsizing, Change Management and Monitoring tool

Balance performance, efficiency & financial advantage

  • Select the right services and use the most of what your engineering teams spin up
  • Track your AWS cost leaks and realize savings
  • Pay the lowest rate by having the right information and recommendations
  • Optimize your cloud spend with reserved instance capacity planning for AWS

Say Goodbye to Endless Excel Sheets

This  AWS monitoring tool breaks down the cost of each resource in your Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling you to filter and get a 360-degree view of all your cloud resources. No more comparing spreadsheets, various AWS tools and graphs to get this understanding across different tools, either. Get a holistic view of all your AWS compute resources to give you incomparable cost-saving insights.

Eliminate bill shock with actionable alerts and advisories
on changes in your AWS account that impact your bill

Get alerts when cloud resources are spun up, spun down in your account that impact your upcoming bill enabling you to action changes and avoid bill shock!

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Are you a small business trying to learn more about AWS cloud cost management? Has your AWS monthly bill and usage gone up and you cannot tell if you are using all that you paid for?  Understanding what you are using vs. not using is an initiative large organizations take on seriously but not smaller businesses, until now. In this article, let’s look at 7 things you can do to identify the leaks easily and then I will show you how to do this rapidly.

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If a customer has come to the cloud through this lift and shift style migration, chances are that there is somewhere between 30-70% savings attainable. Remember, in the cloud, capacity is near infinite, almost available on demand when you need it. Choosing to reserve capacity in the cloud prior to applying the earlier steps can limit your cloud cost reduction ability. You can get some cost savings from reservations but may be forced to pay for a resource irrespective of your ability to use it.

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“The session management mechanism of traditional applications becomes complicated in a microservice architecture with its need for a state. With stateless Restful APIs, no SQL databases like DynamoDB, Amazon Web Services has introduced a stack of technologies that make it easy to authenticate, calculate, process, store information all without servers. The emerging trend of serverless with function as a service type of coding can speed up the development cycles in most corporations.”

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Transform the way you think about capacity planning for the cloud