Slash your AWS costs with AI

Discover your excess AWS spend

7-55% savings in minutes with no upfront cash reservations, software installs or any code changes

Let your workload determine the right cloud resource types

  • We have helped save our community of AWS users  $100,032 from a total spend of $568,716
  • Setup secure read-only un-intrusive access with no clunky software or changing any code
  • We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine the best cloud resources based on your workload patterns
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Not just another analysis-paralysis cost tool

Our typical customer finds 25-55% cost savings on the first audit.  Unlike other alternatives, with our approach, there are no AMIs to install that have hidden added costs or bills to upload. In minutes, identify actionable steps for achieving immediate cost savings through right-sizing of EC2, using appropriate storage classes and, reserved instances with no upfront payment approach.  We provide cost velocity change insights, along with AI on workload assessments for sizing.

Get alerts on spending velocity changes in
your AWS account that impact your upcoming bill

Get alerts when cloud resources are spun up, spun down in your account that impact your upcoming bill enabling you to action changes and avoid bill surprises!

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