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The case studies will give you insights from our satisfied customers on some of our innovative and disruptive technology enablement.

Newscorp is a leading company in the world with diversified media, news, education and information services...

Adaxa an Opensource ERP vendor, specialising in SAP to Adempiere migration and rollouts with a completely open source suite

The Government of Alberta deployed Social Policy Framework (SPF) application with a spiky usage base (similar to a voting application).

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“The core of enterprise IT infrastructure, applications such as ERP, information and sourcing was built for the IT past and needs to be renovated for the digital future. The renovations include moving to a more loosely coupled ‘postmodern-ERP’ paradigm, deploying public and private clouds, creating the information architecture and capabilities to exploit big data, and augmenting conventional sourcing with more innovation, including sourcing from, and partnering with, smaller and less mature enterprises.”

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